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We are Manufacturers of World's Largest Load Bearing Wall Panels. We are Builders of Tomorrow. We are FRBL.

GFRG Panels can be used as load bearing wall panel for construction of buildings up to 6 to 7 stories for residential or commercial purpose without the support of concrete column, bean or slab. The load bearing capacity of the panel is 160 KN per meter. The application of our prefabricated Gypsum wall include, Domestic housing, Multi –storied construction, Roofing and compound walls. The Panels can also be used for intermediary floor slab / roof slab in combination with embedded RCC micro-beams and RCC screed concrete. By this process, man power, cost and time of construction & the use of scarce natural resources like river sand, water, etc is significantly reduced.

Studies on the Behavior of

GFRG Wall Panels

We are manufacturing the load bearing Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) panels and supplies to the customers according to their requirement. The GFRG panel manufactured by FRBL using advanced Australian building technology is the World’s largest load bearing building panels (12 x 3 meters = 36 square meters which can be cut as per customer requirements). The thickness is 124 mm. It can be used as load bearing external walls, as partitions and also as roofing. One such wall panel can replace one lorry load of conventional bricks. No plastering of the walls are required. The smooth and superior finish is ready for a primer coat and painting. The weight of one panel is around 1500 kg @ 42 kg/sqm.

FRBL PREFAB GYPWALL is approved by Building Material and Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC- under Ministry of Housing and Urban poverty Alleviation, Govt of India).

Structural Design Manual

Prepared By IIT Madras

IIT Madras has come out with a design manual for GFRG panels published by BMTPC. IIT Madras has been testing and conducting various studies on GFRG wall panels for the past 10 years. IIT Madras has constructed a 2 storied 4 apartment building at their campus using GFRG Panels for the entire construction including slab. The Structural Engineering Research Centre (CSIR-SERC) has tested GFRG panels in the construction in earthquake prone areas.

Construction Manual

Building a Better Society With Affordable Housing.

The unique cellular structure of PREFAB GYPWALL enables it to be used as formwork and side filled concrete to provide sufficient axial strength and lateral rigidity. Our panels are strong, crack free and provide crack free surface with less joints. The finish of our panels is smoother than equivalent precast concrete/masonry walls and hence does not require putty application. The light weight characteristic of our panel helps to reduce the structural element cost including foundation. The durability of the buildings with GFRG panels is time tested and the water absorption rate is less than 5%. The resistance to moisture can be increased by providing a thin membrane coating. The FRBL Wall panels can be accommodated in any type of Architectural designs. In order to aid the builder/ designer, FRBL has come up with a detailed construction manual. The panels and its construction methodology help to reduce the construction time substantially and save in labour cost.

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  • Sealed tenders are invited for sale of Balance stock of BS-94, D-50, Glass fiber rovings & Bermocoll stored at FRBL Campus, by The General Manager, FACT RCF Building Products Limited (FRBL), FACT CD Campus, Ambalamedu, Kochi, Kerala-682303.

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